The iconic North Cape by RIB boat

Datum: Mittwoch 1 mai 2019 - Montag 30 Sep 2019

Join us for an exciting RIB boat safari in the North Cape vicinity. After suiting up and a short safety briefing, we will board the boat and take you on a ride to discover the northern shores of Magerøya island. 

On the way, you will have a chance to spot the local wildlife, such as seals, sea-eagles, puffins, harbour porpoises and whales. We will pass the North Cape Horn, an ancient place of sacrifice for the Sami population, and Kirkeporten, a natural arch along the coastline. Also Hornvika, the bay that provided access to the first visitors of North Cape is a sight worth seeing, as is the North Cape cliff itself and the actual northernmost point of the island, Knivskjellodden.
The tour starts and ends in Skarsvåg, known as the northernmost fishing village, with less than 20 000 people living further north, worldwide.

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