Sami Adventure with Turgleder

Adresse: 9730 Karasjok Karte anzeigen

Adresse: 9730 Karasjok

The arctic north offers fantastic experiences based on the endless plains and the dramatic costal nature of Finnmark.

Liv of Turgleder grew up in the Sami capital Karasjok and thus we benefit from an extensive network that helps us create and organize authentic experiences. We cooperate successfully with sami reindeer herders and Engholm Husky Lodge. The cooperation opens a rare access to the sami culture and way of living, in addition to the breath taking nature experience you may expect in the arctic north.  

Please contact us for a tailor-made adventure.

 Turgleder is a certified Norwegian ecotourism enterprise. That is a commitment!

 Welcome to a fascinating experience in the arctic nature!


Time/duration: All year

Place: Finnmark county

Incl.:  Varies after request.

 See our homepage for further information, and booking.

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