Sea fishing. Stenbukt fisherman house

Adresse: 9620 Kvalsund  Karte anzeigen
Standort: Kvalsund

Fischerhütten | Engholm Husky also offers the perfect place to get away from stress.

The house is located in a remote bay right on the edge of the Arctic Ocean - no trees - no road, - no neighbours. The cosy and charming house makes you feel at home. A place to get away from it all. From the living room there is a fantastic view looking straight north into the midnight sun. Sound and smell of the sea - just birds, whales, seals, otters and lots of fish in the sea and in the lakes around. For fishing is this place a "eldorado", cod fishing at sea, trout fishing in the lakes or salmon fishing in the river near by. There is a motorboat for your disposal. 

3 bedrooms 7 - 10 beds, sauna and a big terrace around the house.


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Customer service