Bird safari to Stappan wildlife reserve

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Come with us on a fantastic nature experience and be among millions of birds in a landscape you cannot find anywhere else except on this part of the Artic Circle on top of the world. The famous Stappan Nature Park is one of Europe’s biggest bird paradise where the birds are protected and thrive and can be seen up close with the special Bird Safari we have to offer. Transfer from Honningsvåg possible.

We conduct this great adventure tour, using a unique boat designed for its safety and size and comfort. Our 20 years of experience of organizing and making these safari trips have taught us how the experience can become optimal with the use of our boat so that we can get close up to many of the bird types and bird colonies found at this beautiful and unique nature park.

On this safari, visitors can see up close and almost touch, birds like puffin, cormorant, razor-billed hawk, white-tailed eagle and many other varieties of birds that reside and visit this Island. At times we come across other animals visiting and surrounding the Island like seals and maybe whales and dolphines Using the style boat we have, its possible to get very close up to several bird colonies that you normally could never get to with other boats and approaches.

All the passengers will get dressed with regatta suits that fulfill the requirements to safety and comfort.

We have several departures each day - you choose your departure when you book with us.

Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours

Max number of particiapants: 6
Please note there has to be a minimum of 2 participants for each departure.

Meeting place: Stappan Sjøprodukter, Kobbenesveien 8, 9765 Gjesvær

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