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Address: Bjørn Wirkolas vei 11, 9510 Alta Show map

Address: Bjørn Wirkolas vei 11, 9510 Alta

Alta – the City of the Northern Lights – where past meets future!

Welcome to Alta's Tourist Information Center, where you can book adventures and get local details right in the middle of city center.

Rock carvings created 10,000 years ago tell the history of our cultural past. Today, export and technology, entrepreneurs and the service industry leave their mark for the future. Alta is a modern technological community, with an emphasis on research and higher education. 2,000 students have found their place in the community and fallen in love with the city of Alta and the wonderful countryside right on Alta’s doorstep.

Alta, the City of the Northern Lights, is only a 2-hour flight from Oslo, and provides a natural base for daytrips to the most popular attractions such as the North Cape, Sapmi theme park and Juhls’ Silvergallery.

Population: 19,090
Area, municipality: 3,845 km²

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Do you want to stay somewhere out of the ordinary? Here you have the opportunity. In september 2014 a brand new buliding was finished at our place. Here you`ll find a nice dining room and a cozy bed & breakfast. We have two spacious family rooms for rent (total 6 - 8 persons). Own bathroom for both rooms. We serve organic and homemade breakfast.
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Scandic Alta is a modern full service hotel in the center of Alta.