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Address: Bredbuktnesveien 6, 9520 Kautokeino, 9520 Kautokeino Show map

Address: Bredbuktnesveien 6, 9520 Kautokeino, 9520 Kautokeino

Welcome to Kautokeino – the heart of Sápmi and the centre for Sami education and research. Kautokeino is a meeting place for the indigenous culture and modern day.

The majority of the population are Sami, and Sami is the main language. Kautokeino is the largest municipality in Norway, with a whole world of Sami culture and activities on the mountain plain. You can explore the area on your own or join an organised trip. The Sami Easter Festival in Kautokeino is well-known throughout the world. Kautokeino is also home to the famous Juhls’ Silver Gallery. Experience winter nights with the Northern Lights, summer nights under the midnight sun and the open mountain plain. On top of Finnmarksvidda plain, you feel as if you can almost touch the sky! Population: approx. 3,000 Area, municipality: 9,687 km²

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