Finnmark Activity Week with Turgleder

Address: 9730 Karasjok Show map

Address: 9730 Karasjok

7 days of different activities and adventures in the land of the northern light.

Visit the Norwegian Sámi capitol - Karasjok and try snowshoeing, skiing, visit a reindeer herder, dog sledding and more while you stay at the truly unique Engholm Husky Lodge.

Turgleder is a certified Norwegian ecotourism enterprise. That is a commitment!

Welcome to a fascinating experience in the arctic nature! 

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About this activity

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    47 91167303
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    Time/duration: 7 days, regular weeks in February to April. Place: Karasjok in Finnmark. Incl.: local transportation, accommodation, all meals from dinner on the arrival day to breakfast on the departure day, some equipment (more information request), guiding and the activities mentioned in the program.