Northern lights hunt along the Russian border-sled trip

Address: Dr. Wesselsgt. 9, 9900 Kirkenes Show map

Address: Dr. Wesselsgt. 9, 9900 Kirkenes

A trip on which our guests sits safely and warmly in a sled (perfect for those who don’t wish to drive a snowmobile but still want to get out into the trail).

This tour starts from Kirkenes with a 20 min drive by minibus to Solvang Farm in Pasvik, with guiding en route. This valley forms the border with Russia and is a fantastic wilderness area. At our base at Solvang Farm, we pack you well in before we head off by snowmobile and sled on the frozen river right to the Norwegian-Russian border. The hunt for the Northern Lights begins. After the sled trip, we gather in a cosy, small grill hut or outside around an open fire (depending on the weather) and serve tea/coffee and a light meal. NB: The guests sit in a sled and don’t drive the snowmobile themselves. Return transport from Kirkenes and warm clothing is included.

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