Holmen Husky Lodge 15 km Dogcart Trip

Take control of your cart and enjoy the scenery! Even before the snow arrives, you can experience the fun and excitement of dog-powered transport.

We will bring you out to the farm, outfit you with extra clothing if needed, and teach you how to drive a dog cart (it's easy!). Of course, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of driving your own dog cart, you can be a passenger in a guide-driven cart.

Six strong dogs will pull you along the Alta River and through the nearby forest. The 15 km journey will give you plenty of time to enjoy the ride, the power of the dogs, and the beautiful arctic countryside. Back at the kennel, we will have a fire and something warm to drink waiting for you in our traditional lavvo tent, and your guide will join you to chat about life as a dog musher.

Tour Summary
- Transport from and to Alta city center
- Thermal suits if needed for weather, and instructions for driving
- 15km dog cart tour
- Hot drinks (coffee or blackcurrant) and conversation afterwards
- The weather must be cool enough for our dogs to run safely! We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel tours if the weather is unusually warm and therefore dangerous for the dogs.

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