Zu erleben in Finnmark - 21 Treffer

Arctic sea fishing

Finnmark   Karte

Angeln Arctic sea fishing. Come and catch halibut, catfish, cod or some other fish in our beautiful sea. Can almost guartantee capture.

Deap sea fishing and hunting at Søroya

Sørøya   Karte

Aktivitäten, Angeln Sørøya Havfiskecruise LTD organises activities such as deep-sea fishing, lake fishing, island hopping (hunters and ski fanatics) and other guided tours for tourists, companies a...

Deep sea fishing at Sørøya

Finnmark   Karte

Angeln Sørøya is known as one of the best fishing areas in the world. A lot of records has been taken there. The catamaran MB Havcruise is custome build for deep sea fishing adventures...

Fish Camp in Neiden

Finnmark   Karte

Angeln Neiden lodge and Fish camp can deliver your fishing experiences in the river, the mountain lakes or in the sea. Large sized salmon waiting for you in the river. Season from 1.Ju...

Guided fishing with Turgleder

Karasjok   Karte

Angeln, Aktivitäten It may take years of exploration to become familiar with a new river or lake. With a limited holiday schedule, hiring a fishing guide can be a good investment when you come to a...


Alta   Karte

Sehenswürdigkeiten, Wandern, Architektur und Kirchen At Haldetoppen, also called "Sukkertoppen", there are two historical buildings, observatory building, led by Kristian Birkeland in 1899 and used for northern lights research, as...

Ice fishing

Finnmark   Karte

Angeln Ice fishing for arctic char, trout, grayling or pike. We have cabins with sauna on the mountains at the fishing lakes. Neiden mountainarea has water on all sides. The closest ...

Nordkyn Nordic Safari

Boot und Wasseraktivitäten, Hundeschlitten- und Schlittentouren, Wandern [...] Willkommen zu einem spannenden Abenteuer Welt auf den Arktischen

Nordkyn Safari - Nordic Safari

Mehamn   Karte

Aktivitäten, Wandern Nordkyn is the Northermost point of the European Continent! Nordic Safari As is the specialist on tours to Nordkyn, winter and summer! Cape Nordkyn: Position 71.08.00 - 27.39....

Salmonfishing in Finnmark

Finnmark   Karte

Angeln Neiden lodge cabins is located on the banks of the Neidenriver, one of the best salmonrivers in Norway. The river streches over several miles, and it is an easily fished river.

Snow shoeing with Turgleder

Karasjok   Karte

Aktivitäten, Wandern Hiking with snow shoes is a wonderful way of traveling when you want to go out and enjoy the arctic winter, both in the sparkling day light, the pale moon light or in the narrow...

Snowhotel Kirkenes - King crab safari

Kirkenes   Karte

Angeln, Aktivitäten Wir holen Sie von Ihrem Hotel ab und bringen Sie zum Snowhotel Kirkenes.

SnowhotelKirkenes - Snowshoe walking

Kirkenes   Karte

Wandern, Aktivitäten Arktische Schritte im Schnee. Unser Guide wird Sie mit Schneeschuhen vertraut machen und Sie in die unberührten Bergketten oberhalb des Snowhotel Kirkenes führen.

Speed Boat Safari - Nordic Safari

Mehamn   Karte

Angeln Welcome on board to a totally new way of exploring the Norwegian Fjords! Drive your own speed boat on a fjord safari together with our local guide that follows you in a larger ...

Tamsøya - A journey back in time

Nordkapp   Karte

Aktivitäten, Kultur und Menschen, Wandern [...] Tamsøya – a unique stop on the way to Northcape. Take “a journey back in time” on an island almost completely to yourself.


Karasjok   Karte

Kultur und Menschen, Boot und Wasseraktivitäten, Ski und Alpin [...] Turgleder makes the Arctic wilderness accessible. The howling wind or the sound of silence, it`s the wilderness that calls! Have you ever considered doing something "wild a...

Wandern auf Sørøya - Kjøttvikvarden

Hammerfest   Karte

Wandern Wir fahren mit dem Boot von Hammerfest nach Akkarfjord auf Sørøya.

Wandern auf Sørøya - Tarhalsen

Hammerfest   Karte

Wandern Der alte Leuchtturmwärterpfad schlängelt sich an den Berghängen hinunter.

Wandern in Hammerfest - Gammelveien

Hammerfest   Karte

Wandern, Aktivitäten Der Gammelveien (dt.: der alte Weg) ist ein schöner Wanderweg, der rund um den Hausberg Salen führt. Startpunkt für diese Tour ist die Kirche.

Wanderweg zum Berg Tyven in Hammerfest

Hammerfest   Karte

Wandern Unübersehbar thront über der Tyven (dt.: der Dieb) über der Stadt und lockt mit seinen 418 m jedes Jahr viele Besucher an.

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